I started this blog for two reasons. First, I love to travel and want to share those experiences with my friends.  Second, I love to cook and when I have the time, I like to prepare healthy recipes using fresh ingredients that are full of flavor.  The key here is “time.”  We are all busy with our careers, raising kids, or doing both, and I want to provide a resource for my friends of recipes that have been tasted, passed the husband test, are healthy (most of the time), and can be whipped up in 30 or 45 minutes.

As my brother in law Graham says, “Enjoy your Food and Wine!”

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  1. Jan Earley says:

    This blog rocks! xoxo

  2. Laura Schickel says:

    Very nice presentation! I hope you love Florence as much as I did! Ciao!

  3. nicole locastro says:

    so jealous…but of course so thrilled for you guys! can’t wait to see pictures of my beautiful friends, eating some amazing food. love you guys!!!

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